Here at Bow-Wowza we are all about spreading kindness.
Why not join Dexter D, Nia, Duke, Alan, Kayley and the rest of the Bow-Wowza cast and #BeBowWowzaKind!

It’s three easy steps…

STEP 1 – Choose one of our kindness cards or canine friendship bands.

Think of the person you’d like to make happy and select one that’s just right for them!
You can print out the templates below or even make your own.

Canine Kindness Cards

(click image)

Canine Friendship Bands

(click image)

STEP 2 – Give the card or band to someone you know.

It may be a friend, family member, or somebody you’d just like to cheer up. You may want to hide it somewhere for them to find, give it to them with a big smile, or say the words to them too!


STEP 3 – Share with someone how it made you feel!

Being kind makes both the giver and the receiver feel happier, so how about encouraging your pals to be kind too!

Joe Sniffs

And, if you’re looking for more kind things to do, take a look at our kindness activities.

Together, let’s #bemorebowwowza and #bebowwowzakind